So, you have obtained the CPAP system to relieve yourself of the signs of sleep apnea. Your choice to do so is a really commendable one considering your health is at stake, as well as the benefits it provides to your bedmates who have been suffering from your overly loud snoring and restless tossing and turning around in bed.

With that said, it is important to understand that the CPAP accessories which come with the machine. You will quickly realize that with no accessories, the machine is half as good.

CPAP Machine lumin cleaning


As its name suggests, the filter ensures that air being fed through the hose is free of dust, dirt and other potential contaminants. In a nutshell, you inhale clean air while you sleep, perhaps even cleaner than the air you breathe during the day. The filter is among the most significant CPAP accessories in the system and must be attended to.

Based on the version, you need to replace the filter. It is important to read the instructions guide about the best way best to replace the filter as it can be a sensitive part of the machine.

The majority of the CPAP machines utilize a two-stage air filtration system, which can be divided into black and white filters. On one hand, the black filter removes large debris and pollen in the air, which may be cleaned once per week and replaced every 6 weeks. On the other hand, the white filter eliminates the debris from the atmosphere, which should be replaced after every 2 weeks.


Another of the most significant of the CPAP accessories is your humidifier. You may select from integrated the built-in or the type. While the humidifier fits into the machine the humidifier cannot be separated from the machine. The standalone humidifier will work with any CPAP machine and, as such, eliminates the requirement for another power cord although a brief hose is essential to link it to the CPAP machine.

Battery Packs

You may need your CPAP machine when on travel. For this purpose, you will need battery packs, which can be sold as CPAP accessories. Think of these to freedom. Battery packs are made from alloy scratch-resistant shell and premium quality lithium-ion cells. Overheating is no problem from the circuitry is designed to keep it.

Cleaning Supplies


Do not forget the cleaning supplies. By doing this, you can keep your Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer by 3B Medical equipment clean and, hence, extend the life span of the accessories. Well there is also the matter of the CPAP accessories coming. When buying the machine that is lifesaving the CPAP is, remember the all-important CPAP accessories. You will discover that these accessories make for a more complete experience, in a way of speaking.